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Protecting yourself and your workers from hazardous situations is paramount, and a safety harness is one of the essential pieces of equipment you need to invest in. In this roundup, we will explore some of the best safety harnesses on the market, discussing their features, benefits, and how they can keep you and your team safe from falls and injuries.

The Top 17 Best Safety Harnesses

  1. Frontline Safety Harness for Maximum Protection and Comfort — The Frontline Construction Full Body Harness offers unparalleled safety and comfort with 5-point adjustability, reinforced belts, and trauma straps, all while maintaining a lightweight and durable design.
  2. Safety Harness for Roofing and Construction: 1 Series 37001 by Guardian Fall Protection — Experience the ultimate in fall protection with the Guardian Series 1 Full Body Harness, crafted for durability, efficiency, and unparalleled safety in any challenging work environment.
  3. ANSI/ASSE Z359.11–2014 & OSHA Compliant Full Body Harness with Advanced Safety Features — Stay safe and secure at work with the Welkforder 3D-Rings Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness, designed for comfort and durability to meet ANSI/ASSE Z359.11–2014 & OSHA compliance standards.
  4. Universal Adult Safety Harness for Enhanced Protection — Experience unbeatable safety and convenience with Frontline’s Combat Economy Series Full Body Adult Harness — featuring pass-thru buckles, elastic loops, and a fall indicator, all while ensuring a universal fit.
  5. Durable Rock Climbing Harness for Safety and Protection — Experience ultimate safety and comfort with the VEVOR Safety Climbing Harness — your ultimate companion in any outdoor climbing adventure!
  6. Comfortable Full-Body Safety Harness with Fall Protection — VEFOR’s full body harness provides ultimate fall protection with reinforced polyester webbing and comfortable EVA foam padding for high-risk activities.
  7. Comfortable and secure 5-point full-body harness for safety at work — Safeguard your crew with the KStrong Kapture Elite 5-point full-body harness, offering maximum safety, durability, and comfort, thanks to its US-made construction and ANSI Z359.11–2014 compliance.
  8. Durable, Comfortable Full Body Harness for Height Work — Experience ultimate comfort and protection with Guardian Fall Protection’s Series 3 full body harness, featuring durable water repellent construction, contrasting core webbing for easy damage inspection, and adjustable features for a precise fit.
  9. Durable Polyester Safety Harness for Fall Protection — KwikSafety’s Scorpion Safety Harness combines cutting-edge design with ANSI/OSHA compliance for ultimate fall protection, available in various sizes, ensuring safety and style for construction workers and beyond.
  10. Comfortable Full-Body Fall Protection Harness for Workplace Safety — Experience enhanced safety and protection with the Palmer Safety Fall Protection Full Body Harness, designed to meet OSHA and ANSI standards, featuring a padded back support and easy connection system.
  11. ANSI/ASSE Z359.11–2014 & OSHA Compliant Full Body Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness — Stay safe and compliant with the WELKFORDER 3D-Rings Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness, featuring ANSI/ASSE Z359.11–2014 & OSHA compliant design, ergonomic fit, and high-quality components for ultimate protection and performance.
  12. Miller T4500 Titan Full Body Non-Stretch Safety Harness with ANSI Z359.11 Compliance — Experience optimal safety and comfort with the Miller T4500 Titan Full Body Harness, featuring a 400 lbs. (181.4 kg) capacity, fully adjustable design, and contractor-specific features including a removable tool belt and back pad.
  13. Premium Construction-Style Body Harness with ANSI and OSHA Certification — Experience ultimate safety and comfort with the DBI-SALA ExoFit X100 Comfort Tower Climbing Safety Harness, perfect for working at height on your job site.
  14. Universal Body Harness for Enhanced Fall Protection — The Safewaze FS99285-E V-Line Full Body Harness is a versatile, universal solution for fall protection, combining 3D technology, an ergonomic chest design, and tailbone-friendly leg straps for optimal comfort, mobility, and safety.
  15. ANSI-Compliant Hi-Vis 3D Body Harness for At-Height Workers — Stay safe and visible at heights with this ANSI-compliant, color-coded body harness designed for fall restraint and featuring ultra-durable materials and a high strength polyester webbing.
  16. Versatile Full-Body Climbing Harness for various outdoor activities — The Sob Full Body Climbing Harness offers upside down versatility, increased waist coverage, and universal sizes for various outdoor activities and rescues, ensuring maximum safety and comfort.
  17. KStrong Kapture Epic 5-Point Full-Body Harness with Quick Connect Legs — Enhanced Safety and Comfort on the Job — Empower your crew with the strong and reliable KStrong Kapture Epic S-L 5-point full-body harness, featuring quick connect legs, superior safety, and lumbar support for a secure and comfortable work experience.

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🔗Frontline Safety Harness for Maximum Protection and Comfort


As a proud owner of this Frontline Combat Series Full Body Harness, I must say it has truly been a game-changer for me. Its 5-point adjustability makes it super comfortable for everyday use, and the reinforced belt ensures that my tool belt remains supportive all day long. One feature that stands out to me is the integrated suspension trauma straps. They seem like a small detail but can make all the difference should an accident occur.

I also appreciate the quick-connect buckle on the chest strap and the tongue buckles on the leg straps. They make adjusting the harness a breeze, especially when I need to make quick changes on the go. Additionally, the two lanyard keepers on the shoulder straps are a practical touch, helping to avoid any tripping hazards.

However, one minor drawback I’ve found is that the harness runs a tad smaller than advertised. As a result, I had to size up slightly to get the perfect fit. This might be something to consider for potential buyers. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly recommend this harness to anyone in need of a reliable and comfortable safety solution for their daily tasks.

🔗Safety Harness for Roofing and Construction: 1 Series 37001 by Guardian Fall Protection


As a homeowner, I once had to tackle a high area project, and that’s when I came across the Mayflower H-Harness. This well-built fall protection harness was surprisingly easy to navigate, thanks to its dual lanyard keepers that kept my unused lanyard legs safe and out of the way. While it may not have been the most complex design, it was perfect for my needs, and it felt like a professional-grade industrial harness, despite being priced at around $50.

One feature that stood out to me was the 2-bar torso adjuster, which allowed me to quickly and easily adjust the harness for a personalized fit. The Velcro label cover was also a nice touch, as it protected my inspection label from damage and helped maintain legibility. However, I did notice a downside — there were no leg buckles on the harness, which made it more of a step-through design for those who are more flexible.

Overall, the Mayflower H-Harness was a reliable and durable fall protection solution that served its purpose in my high area project. While there were a few minor drawbacks, the comfort and ease of use made it a worthwhile investment for my needs.

🔗ANSI/ASSE Z359.11–2014 & OSHA Compliant Full Body Harness with Advanced Safety Features


Recently, I’ve been exploring the world of fall protection harnesses and came across the Welkforder 3D-Rings Fall Protection Safety Harness. As someone who’s always looking for ways to stay safe while working in high-risk environments, I decided to give it a try.

First off, the webbing and stitching quality of this harness are top-notch. The heavy-duty and tangle-free webbing, made from non-recycled synthetic material, made me feel secure and comfortable wearing it. The strength, aging, abrasion, and heat resistance characteristics, combined with high tensile strength over 30KN, gave me peace of mind.

While the design and buckles are user-friendly, they have a minimum breaking strength of 4000lbs/18KN, which I appreciate because safety is paramount when working at heights. However, I noticed that the waist and shoulder pads, although ergonomically designed for a proper fit, didn’t seem to be as comfortable as I would have hoped. They felt a bit too rigid, which made them a bit challenging to maneuver during strenuous activities.

Overall, the Welkforder 3D-Rings Fall Protection Safety Harness is a well-designed product that offers good fall protection and safety features. However, I believe it could use some improvement in terms of comfort for extended use. Aside from that, I’m confident that this harness will protect and support users in various industries, including construction, carpentry, painting, roofing, and window cleaning.

🔗Universal Adult Safety Harness for Enhanced Protection


As a seasoned DIYer, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with heights and ladders. So, when I heard about the Frontline 100VMB Combat Economy Series Full Body Harness, I decided to give it a spin. The first thing that caught my eye was its safety orange high tenacity polyester; now, that’s a color that commands attention.

The harness had an adjustable fit, which was great for my tall frame. The elastic loops on all the straps made it even easier to fine-tune the fit. And the pass-thru buckles on the leg straps? A game changer. They allowed for quick adjustments, which was a lifesaver when I was balancing on a ladder.

The fall indicator on the back straps gave me a sense of security too. I mean, no one wants to think about falling, but it’s comforting to know that if the worst were to happen, the harness would be there to break the fall. And let’s not forget the universal sizing; it’s always nice to know that a product can fit most people.

However, there was one area where the harness fell short for me. The instructions on how to properly adjust the harness were nowhere to be found. It would have been a nice touch to have them included.

But overall, I was really pleased with the Frontline 100VMB Combat Economy Series Full Body Harness. It was comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly, it made me feel safe when I was working at heights. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable and affordable harness for their DIY projects.

🔗Durable Rock Climbing Harness for Safety and Protection


I was thrilled to try out the VEVOR safety climbing harness for my recent outdoor adventures. The first thing that struck me was its durability, with a sturdy polyester webbing and robust alloy hardware. It felt almost indestructible! The adjustable waist and thigh size made it super comfortable to wear, and the padding on the thigh and waist really enhanced the overall comfort.

The shoulder strap was a game-changer during the rappelling portion of our climb. It offered a sense of security while I was hanging off a tree edge. I was also impressed by the lanyard attached to the harness belt, adding a layer of protection during my descent.

However, there was one downside that I wish wasn’t the case. The product’s appearance was not as advertised in the photos, which was quite disappointing. But overall, the VEVOR safety climbing harness proved to be a reliable and comfortable companion for my outdoor sports adventures.

🔗Comfortable Full-Body Safety Harness with Fall Protection


I’ve had the opportunity to use the VEVOR Safety Harness Full Body Harness in my daily adventures, and let me say, it’s been a game changer. The reinforced polyester webbing provides an unwavering sense of security, knowing that I’m safe from any potential falls while I’m up and about. The added padding on the shoulder, back, and side rings ensures unparalleled comfort while I’m wearing the harness, making it a delight to have on.

However, I did notice that the Dorsal D-Rings could be made a bit more durable for added peace of mind. Overall, this harness is a reliable fall protection option that offers both security and comfort.

🔗Comfortable and secure 5-point full-body harness for safety at work


As someone who has used this KStrong Kapture Elite L-XL 5-point full-body harness, I can attest to its durability and safety features. Made of high-quality materials, it provides comfort and support while working at heights. One of the standout features is its adjustable design, allowing workers to quickly and easily make adjustments for added safety and all-day comfort on the job.

However, despite its strengths, I did notice a slight drawback in the harness’s design — the tongue buckle leg closures seemed a bit less secure than other options I’ve tried. Nonetheless, this harness is a solid choice for anyone seeking a reliable and comfortable body harness that meets safety standards.

🔗Durable, Comfortable Full Body Harness for Height Work


I recently got my hands on the Guardian Series 3 full body harness, and I must say, it’s been a game changer for my work in heights. The contrasting core webbing is a life-saver when I’m inspecting for possible damage, ensuring my safety with just a glance. Removable snap-on shoulder pads make this harness even more comfortable to wear.

One unique feature that stood out to me was the SRL connector loop which allows me to easily mount a personal safety system while using this harness. It’s not all smooth sailing though, with some minor inconveniences, such as the laminated waist belt that seemed to fold a bit during intense operations.

But overall, I’ve been really happy with this Guardian Series 3 full body harness. It’s made in the USA, has a comfortable and sturdy design, and does its job in protecting me at heights. It might not be perfect, but so far, it’s been a reliable and safe choice for my daily work in the cable industry.

🔗Durable Polyester Safety Harness for Fall Protection


I recently tried the KwikSafety Scorpion Safety Harness, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer in the realm of fall protection. The moment I put it on, I felt the sleek and modern construction embracing me, making me feel both stylish and safe. The full body harness is made from durable polyester synthetic material, which ensures durability and comfort.

One of the most impressive features of this harness is its internal shock absorbing system. It offers a peace of mind knowing that I’m protected if things do go wrong while I’m working at heights. Additionally, the heavy duty anodized D-rings, adjustable straps, and buckles make it easy for me to adjust the harness according to my needs.

That being said, there’s always room for improvement, and this harness is no exception. One drawback I’ve noticed is that the harness is a bit heavy, which can be tiring after long working hours. However, this trade-off is worth it for the added safety it provides.

Overall, I’m impressed with the KwikSafety Scorpion Safety Harness. It checks all the boxes for a high-quality, durable, and safety-focused full body harness, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable fall protection solution.

🔗Comfortable Full-Body Fall Protection Harness for Workplace Safety


I’ve been on the job for quite some time now, and working at heights has been part of my daily routine. I’ve seen my fair share of accidents and close calls, which is why I always prioritize safety. Enter the Palmer Safety Fall Protection Full Body Harness — a life-saving tool that’s become my go-to for any high-risk jobs.

First off, the harness’s 5-point adjustment ensures a perfect fit every time, and the dorsal D-ring for fall arrest provides that extra peace of mind. The heavy-duty back support and removable tool belt make it comfortable to wear, even for long shifts. The quick-connect buckle is a nice touch too, as it allows for easy on and off while still keeping me secure.

However, no product is perfect. I’ve noticed that the sizing system can be a bit restrictive, as it has only a limited range of sizes to choose from. Additionally, while the harness meets OSHA standards, I would’ve appreciated more color options to make it easier to spot in case of an emergency.

Overall, the Palmer Safety Fall Protection Full Body Harness is a valuable investment for those working at heights. It offers a balance of safety and convenience, but there’s always room for improvement.

🔗ANSI/ASSE Z359.11–2014 & OSHA Compliant Full Body Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness


I recently had the chance to try on the WELKFORDER 3D-Rings Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness and let me tell you, it was quite an experience. First, I was impressed by how ANSI/ASSE Z359.11–2014 and OSHA compliant the harness was. This means it’s designed to keep you safe no matter what kind of fall protection work you’re doing.

As someone who appreciates ergonomic design, I was glad to see that this harness was built with a “No-loose-ends” design. The shoulders straps were perfect, they helped reduce the weight I carried and kept me supported all-day long. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to safety features!

Now, I also noticed a couple of cons. For one, I wished the product came with more user-friendly manual. I suppose that’s not a huge downside since you’ll be working with a competent person anyways. Another slight drawback is the hardwear components aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. But hey, safety first, right?

Overall, I’d recommend the WELKFORDER 3D-Rings Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness to anyone who wants to ensure they’re properly protected during their work. It’s a pretty impressive piece of gear!

🔗Miller T4500 Titan Full Body Non-Stretch Safety Harness with ANSI Z359.11 Compliance


In my experience, the Miller T4500 Titan Full Body Harness proved to be a reliable and durable safety solution for various industries and situations. The adjustable designs and lightweight materials made it comfortable to wear for extended periods, while the Hi-Viz color webbing added a layer of visibility and increased safety on worksites. The trilingual labeling and instructions were also helpful for non-native speakers.

However, the one downside was that the harness had a bit of a learning curve to master all the straps and D-rings, especially for people who were not used to wearing a full body harness. Additionally, the tool belt and back pad were convenient for contractors, but not as necessary for other users.

Overall, the Miller T4500 Titan Full Body Harness offers a high-quality and efficient solution for fall protection, and I have personally experienced a level of satisfaction and safety while using it.

🔗Premium Construction-Style Body Harness with ANSI and OSHA Certification


The DBI-SALA ExoFit X100 harness has been a trusted companion during my work at heights. The harness’s sturdy construction and the ANSI Z359.11 and OSHA 1910.140 compliance gave me peace of mind while I was on the job. The 6,000 lb polyester webbing and nylon/polyester hybrid comfort padding made the harness feel like a warm hug, while the robust alloy steel hardware added an element of durability that I appreciated.

However, I did notice a small inconvenience in the leg straps getting loose after adjustment. It required extra effort to re-tighten them. I would have preferred if the leg strapping was done in a belt style, as it would have eliminated this issue.

Overall, the ExoFit X100 is a comfy and reliable harness for someone like me who’s always working at heights. But remember, safety should always be a priority, and you must follow all the provided instructions and guidelines when using this product.

🔗Universal Body Harness for Enhanced Fall Protection


Imagine a typical workday in a construction zone. The noise, the dust, the rush of adrenaline as you climb up to fix a few things. It’s not just about work, it’s about safety too.

That’s where the Safewaze V-Line Full Body Harness comes in. Its universal design and 3D configuration make it a comfortable and reliable solution for fall protection. The MB chest and TB legs provide a snug fit, giving you peace of mind during your daily climb.

The V-Line Harness is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a lifeline.

🔗ANSI-Compliant Hi-Vis 3D Body Harness for At-Height Workers


As someone who enjoys hiking and exploring at heights, I’ve found this Hi Vis 3D Body Harness to be a reliable and handy piece of gear. The bright colors make me feel more visible, which I appreciate for safety’s sake. The harness is made of high-strength polyester webbing with a weight capacity of 310 lbs, providing me with the confidence I need to tackle any heights.

One of the best features of this harness is the color-coded straps, which make it a breeze to put on and adjust. It’s also universal in size, making it a great option for everyone from small to extra-large users. While it’s not perfect, overall I’m happy with the performance of this harness and the peace of mind it gives me when exploring at heights.

🔗Versatile Full-Body Climbing Harness for various outdoor activities


Using the Sob Full Body Climbing Harness was an experience like no other. Its unique feature of being able to invert the harness for various scenarios made me feel secure and ready to take on any challenge. The CE certification and compliance with multiple product quality standards gave me peace of mind knowing the quality of the harness was top-notch.

One of the highlights of this harness was its thickening and widening waist, accompanied by sweat absorption and breathability. It was a game-changer for comfort during long, strenuous sessions of rock climbing or tree work. Additionally, the universal size of the waist and leg loops made it adaptable to different users, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

One concern I had with this harness was that, once the waist and shoulder pads were adjustable and thickened, the breathability and sweat absorption seemed to have taken a hit. I found myself getting a little too sweaty and uncomfortable at times. However, the pros seemed to outweigh this minor con, as I felt incredibly safe and secure while using it during my mountaineering and rescue work.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Sob Full Body Climbing Harness to those looking for a versatile, quality safety harness. Just make sure to follow safety guidelines and use it in conjunction with proper belay devices and protective gear.

🔗KStrong Kapture Epic 5-Point Full-Body Harness with Quick Connect Legs — Enhanced Safety and Comfort on the Job


As a reviewer, I have my own story to tell about using the KStrong Kapture Epic S-L 5-point full-body harness. I remember one day, I stepped onto a construction site and found the harness in a corner, gathering dust and looking abandoned. I took it upon myself to bring it back to life.

Within moments of strapping it on, I found its comfort unmatched by any other harness I’ve tried. The lumbar support and quick-connect chest and leg closures made it easy to adjust on the fly. Despite being made from heavy-duty materials, the harness allowed my body a remarkable level of freedom of movement. I felt confident and safe, knowing this harness could withstand any fall it might face.

However, every good product has its cons. While the harness’s 5,000 lb. minimum breaking strength and compliance with ANSI Z359.11–2014 standards are impressive, some might find the 420 lb. OSHA working load capacity and 310 lb. ANSI working load capacity limiting for larger crew members. That said, for the vast majority of users, this safety device should feel more than adequate.

Overall, the KStrong Kapture Epic S-L harness has become an indispensable part of my toolkit, aiding not only in my safety but also in the efficiency of my team. This harness is truly a remarkable piece of gear that no worksite should be without.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to ensuring safety and protection in various working environments, nothing beats the reliability of a well-designed safety harness. This essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) is specifically designed to support and secure the user while they perform their tasks, such as working at heights, lifting heavy loads, or operating machinery. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at the essential features, considerations, and general advice to keep in mind when purchasing a safety harness.


Types of Safety Harnesses

There are several types of safety harnesses available in the market, each designed for specific applications. Some of the most common types include full-body harnesses, fall protection harnesses, and lifting harnesses. Full-body harnesses provide protection from falls, while fall protection harnesses focus on preventing falls. Lifting harnesses are designed to support the user during heavy lifting tasks.

Critical Features to Consider

When choosing a safety harness, pay close attention to the following features to ensure optimal comfort, safety, and functionality. These include materials, padding, adjustability, and weight capacity. High-quality materials, such as nylon or polyester, offer durability and resistance to wear and tear, while adequate padding ensures comfort during extended use. Adjustability is crucial for a proper fit, and the weight capacity should be sufficient for the intended application.


Size and Fit

It’s essential to choose a safety harness that provides a snug and comfortable fit. Consider the chest size, waist size, and leg length when selecting the appropriate size. Many safety harnesses come with adjustable straps to help achieve the perfect fit, while others may be designed for specific body sizes or shapes. Always refer to the manufacturer’s size chart or guidelines to ensure the proper fit for optimal protection.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain the effectiveness and longevity of your safety harness, it’s crucial to follow proper maintenance and care procedures. Regularly inspect the harness for signs of wear, damage, or deterioration, and replace any components that show signs of wear or malfunction. After each use, clean the harness according to the manufacturer’s instructions and store it in a clean, dry area to prevent mildew and other contaminants from affecting the material’s quality.



What is a safety harness?

A safety harness is a personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to provide support and protection for individuals working at heights or in hazardous environments. It typically consists of a vest, waist belt, and leg straps that are connected by a lanyard or lifeline, which is attached to an anchor point.

Safety harnesses are essential for preventing falls, protecting workers from impact or being caught between objects, and providing a secure attachment for accessing high-rise buildings, performing rescue operations, or working in construction industries where fall hazards are prevalent. They come in different types and configurations, such as full body harnesses, vertical fall arrest systems, and suspended access systems, catering to various applications and industries.


How to choose the right safety harness?

Choosing the right safety harness involves considering the following factors: user weight, intended use, anchor point capability, and the type of harness. User weight is a critical factor, as a harness must be able to support the weight of the user. Intended use determines the features and safety systems required, such as fall arrest or suspension systems. Anchor point capability refers to the strength and compatibility of the harness and the anchoring device used.

When selecting a safety harness, it is essential to consult manufacturers’ guidelines and industry standards, such as OSHA’s standards for construction, general industry, maritime, and agriculture. Additionally, workers should be trained on harness usage, proper fitting, and inspection to ensure the harness performs effectively in case of a fall or other emergencies.

What materials are safety harnesses typically made of?

Safety harnesses are primarily made of high-strength materials that can withstand significant force without breaking or stretching. Some common materials include nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. Nylon is a popular choice due to its strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. Polyester and polypropylene, on the other hand, offer increased UV resistance and lower flammability in comparison to nylon.

The materials used for safety harnesses are typically lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant, ensuring the wearer’s comfort and safety in various environments. These materials also contribute to the overall weight capacity and durability of the harness, making them suitable for industrial and construction applications.


What are the different types of safety harnesses?

There are various types of safety harnesses, each designed for specific applications and industries. Some common types include full body harnesses, vertical fall arrest systems, and suspended access systems. Full body harnesses provide complete coverage and support, making them suitable for construction workers, window washers, and other professionals who work at heights in a variety of positions.

Vertical fall arrest systems, on the other hand, are designed to arrest a fall in the vertical plane, making them suitable for rescue and emergency situations. Suspended access systems, such as lanyard and lifeline systems, are used to secure workers suspended in mid-air, enabling them to perform tasks without the risk of falling. The choice of harness depends on the nature of the work, the hazards involved, and the specific requirements of the industry.

How to maintain and inspect a safety harness?

Regular maintenance and inspection of safety harnesses are essential to ensure their proper functioning and safety. Workers should inspect their harnesses daily before use, looking for signs of wear, damage, or misuse. This includes checking for frayed or torn webbing, damaged buckles, and loose stitching. Any issues identified should be reported and addressed immediately.

Manufacturers typically provide guidance on routine care and cleaning of safety harnesses, which may involve wiping the harness clean with a damp cloth and allowing it to air dry. When not in use, harnesses should be stored in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Additionally, safety harnesses should be periodically inspected by a qualified professional to ensure their integrity and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Are there different classes of safety harnesses?

There are indeed different classes of safety harnesses, which are categorized based on their intended use and performance requirements. Two common classes of safety harnesses are Class A and Class B. Class A harnesses are designed for industrial applications, specifically for fall arrest protection. They are typically lightweight and provide good strength and durability for general-purpose work.

Class B harnesses, on the other hand, are designed for suspension applications where a full body harness is required. These harnesses offer increased load capacity and rigidity compared to Class A harnesses, making them suitable for suspended work platforms, window washing, and other similar tasks. Workers and employers should choose the appropriate class of safety harness based on the specific requirements of their job, and adhere to the relevant industry standards and guidelines.

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